How the Free Online Goal Tracker Tool Works.

A step-by-step explanation of this FREE versatile tool.

  1. Step One:

    Create an account and login. It takes less than a minute!
  2. Step Two:

    Input the total cost of each of your savings goals like: home, car, vacation, college, etc.
  3. Step Three:

    Tell us the time frame for which you need to save the money for each goal. It can be days, weeks, months or years.
  4. Step Four:

    The Goal Tracker tool will then tell you how much you need to save in the selected time frame to achieve each goal.
  5. Step Five:

    Goal Tracker will send you reminders, based on your preferences, making sure you stick to meeting all of your goals. If you get off track, the system will recalculate what you need to get back on track. It can even help you move savings from one goal to another.